About Phoenix Entertainment Live:

Phoenix Entertainment Live develop and deliver music, entertainment and experiential events within a safe environment for our audience and performers alike.

Our mission is to reshape the live entertainment industry by challenging the status quo, co-creating the success of others around us, and setting new benchmarks for performance and safety within the industry.

Our philosophy revolves around the collaboration of music, brands, entertainment, and tourism which produces sustainable outcomes. By advancing our systems beyond the old and outdated live entertainment models, a core focus is placed on audience safety, reduced environmental impact, and innovation to create the ultimate entertainment experience.

At Phoenix Entertainment Live, our team members are innovative, professional, and highly-motivated individuals with over 40 years of live event promotion, management, marketing, commercial, analytics, risk assessment, compliance, licensing, and on-the-ground production experience, all committed to changing the mantra of “because we’ve always done it this way”.

Inspired by organisations changing lives, a portion of every event is dedicated to supporting a variety of charities and causes to help create a global impact.

Join us in turning the world to music and events at Phoenix Entertainment Live!

The Phoenix Difference:

Boutique Festivals

Phoenix Entertainment Live delivers a suite of boutique music festivals held in unique locations with a primary focus on safety and positive experience for all audience members and performers alike.

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Independent Events & Entertainment

In addition to music festivals, Phoenix Entertainment Live also delivers corporate events, red carpet events, and benefit events helping support various causes and charities under our Phoenix Aid™ banner.

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Event Design, Production & Concept Development

With over 40 years of specialised live event management, design, development, and production experience, Phoenix Entertainment Live is positioned to deliver all aspects of live events from concept development to management and execution of the entire production.

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Event Training & Safety Accreditation

Phoenix Entertainment Live and our select partners have achieved the highest national and international accreditations specific to risk mitigation, crowd control, compliance and safety management, event management, promotions and event delivery, customer experience and service delivery, security and reporting.

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Industry-Specific Contractor & Stakeholder Networks

Through long-term and extensive development of industry linkages and stakeholder networks, Phoenix Entertainment Live is positioned to deliver a diverse and professional array of events.

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Marketing & Public Relations

The seasoned Marketing & PR team at Phoenix Entertainment Live develops and delivers all promotional activities, partnerships, media communications, on-ground activations, and strategic direct-response campaigns for all our projects to increase brand exposure in the market and to supplement all other channels to drive ticket sales.

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Digital Advertising, Branding & Analytics

Having advertised in over 47 industries across 5 continents, the digital advertising team at Phoenix Entertainment Live has developed a global reputation for profitable scalability and elite performance.

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Meet Our Executive Team

josh greenJoshua Green
Director of Events
Joshua Green is Director of Events at the rapidly-growing brand Phoenix Entertainment Live Pty Ltd, an end to end entertainment and promotions company. Prior to launching his own brand, Joshua was with Global Event Management from 2009-2014 as their lead event manager. With almost a decade of specialised event management experience in the outdoor entertainment sector, Joshua has established himself as a leading event professional in the Australian entertainment industry, managing events with some of the largest touring artists in the world such as Bon Jovi, Eminem, Duran Duran, Cliff Richard and many more. Currently, Phoenix Entertainment Live are producing, managing and co-promoting several new ventures in Australia. Joshua is aiming to lead the way by creating a new and exciting space for the industry.

Levi SanfordLevi Sanford
Levi Sanford is widely regarded as a global leader in direct response advertising, lead generation, online conversion strategy, and has developed a keen skill for selling high amounts of ticket sales for live events exclusively through online advertising platforms. Levi transforms online advertising campaigns for the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and brands in over 47 industries across 5 continents, spending north of $30 million and receiving over 53 billion ad impressions since 2011 in online advertising for his clients. Levi enjoys using his passion for creativity in everything he does and loves spending time with his wife Emily and their beautiful pet capybara!